Our Staff

All New Creations Child Care teachers have at least 4,160 hours of classroom experience, 18 college credits, and a unique gift to educate, inspire, and challenge early learners. All assistant teachers have at least 2,080 hours of classroom experience, 9 college credits, and assist teachers in carrying out the daily lesson plans that educate all of our young minds. All aides have a passion and desire for education and a love for all children. Aides are responsible for all of the little details in the classroom that create a strong and successful learning environment.

Meet Our Regional Director, Mellissa MARESH

Mellissa joined our organization in 2012, first as our preschool teacher. Her passion for early education was quite evident and she moved quickly into leadership. Mellissa’s philosophy is to understand each child’s unique gift, for educational success lies in caring for the child as a whole. Mellissa is our Regional Director and responsible for the day-to-day operations of all facets of New Creations.

Contact us for more information about our early education opportunities. Our trained staff provides exceptional care and education for your child.