Christian Child care Center in St. Paul, MN

Facility NOW OPEN

Making sure that your child’s education begins properly is important, so the staff of our Christian child care center in St. Paul, MN, is here to help. Our teachers at New Creations Child Care provide lessons that enable your child to develop an early understanding of core academic and faith-based concepts.

We provide a nurturing learning environment at our education center to ensure that your child will be comfortable with their surroundings. All students receive the tools necessary to learn new things on a daily basis, and we provide the encouragement necessary to keep them moving forward.

Taking the Right Steps Toward Early Childhood Education

Every child learns in a different way, so early childhood education requires a personalized approach. We focus on your child’s strengths while working on any areas in which we feel that they need to improve, so he or she will be able to learn in a way that supports his or her unique approach to academia.

Contact us for more information about our Christian child care center. In St. Paul, MN, our trained staff provides exceptional care and education for your child.