New Creations St. Paul, MN

Making sure that your child’s education begins properly is important, so the staff of our Christian child care center in St. Paul, MN, is here to help. Our teachers at New Creations Child Care provide lessons that enable your child to develop an early understanding of core academic and faith-based concepts.

We provide a nurturing learning environment at our education center to ensure that your child will be comfortable with their surroundings. All students receive the tools necessary to learn new things on a daily basis, and we provide the encouragement necessary to keep them moving forward.

Taking the Right Steps Toward Early Childhood Education

Every child learns in a different way, so early childhood education requires a personalized approach. We focus on your child’s strengths while working on any areas in which we feel that they need to improve, so he or she will be able to learn in a way that supports his or her unique approach to academia.

Contact us for more information about our Christian child care center. In St. Paul, MN, our trained staff provides exceptional care and education for your child.

Meet Our Staff

Director: Megan H.

Megan studied Elementary Education at Saint Xavier University in Chicago. She graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in 2015 and began working at New Creations in April of 2016. With 10 years of experience working in child care, her passions have come to life in the field. Megan enjoys going to the lake when the weather is nice, listening to music, spending time with family, and drinking coffee! So much coffee! She loves working in child care because coming to work is coming to a place where we can make a difference in the lives of children. Caring for children, mentoring staff and coming alongside families to help them grow yield such great joy. There is no better job in the world!

Assistant Director: Becky C.

Becky is 37 years old. She has been in the Early Childhood field for 19 years. She has worked as an aide, an assistant teacher, a float, a lead, and has been a curriculum coordinator and has directed several church programs for children as well. She is very passionate about helping children and working with them. Becky has lived in MN for the past 6 years after moving here from Iowa, where she grew up. She loves to lead worship at her church and sings as much as possible in her spare time. She also loves to write, craft, and spend time with her friends. Her brother and his wife are missionaries in Bolivia and she has 3 beautiful nieces and while she doesn’t get to see them often, she still enjoys facetime and phone calls with them as much as possible in her spare time.

Becky’s hope as she starts her new career at New Creations is to be a coach, a help, and a support to the staff at her center. She wants to mentor them and coach them the way that she was mentored and coached for the past 19 years. She wants to help bring the best curriculum and learning tools for the kiddos in our care as well. And most of all, she is super excited to share the love of Jesus with the kids, staff, and families at New Creations.

Infant 1: Ms. Pearl

Pearl has been teaching infants for 30 years and she is an amazing pro at her job! Her room is beautiful, and we are so proud to call her ours. Pearl loves to rock and cuddle the babies and she loves to give them tons of love and TLC! She and her husband live in St. Paul and they love watching tv, eating seafood, and being silly together. Pearl loves Mountain Dew almost as much as she loves our babies.

Pearls biggest hope for her babies is that they feel loved and cared for even when their mommies and daddies can’t be there to spend time with them. She wants the parents to feel that their children are safe and loved for every minute that they are away from momma and daddy.

Infant 2: Ms. Iesha

Iesha is our amazing Infant 2 teacher. She has done incredible things in this room and the children and teachers love her so much. She has done an incredible job of teaching our children and creating a welcoming environment for them. She is in the process of getting her CDA and we couldn’t be more excited for this step in her career for her and for our school! In her spare time she likes to hang out with her little sister and her nieces. She likes to go to the movies, and she is a big family person!

Iesha’s biggest wish for this class is that they would grow and thrive and become the best little kiddos possible. She loves seeing them grow and move and learn new things each day!

Toddler 1: Ms. Danielle

Danielle is a young 20s teacher who is full of life, spunk, and very fun ideas. She brings new energy and life to our toddler classroom and we LOVE having her on our team. Danielle has studied a wide array of things from nursing to journalism, but she has settled in Early Childhood and we hope to keep her here for many years to come, because she is so good! Danielle loves to knit and hike in her spare time and she is very healthy and very active as well.

Danielle’s biggest hope for this class is to see them grow and thrive into the little masterpieces they are! She loves watching them learn and grasp new things and she loves being a part of that as well!

Toddler 2: Ms. Cindy

Cindy is our Toddler 2 teacher. Cindy has been with New Creations for about 3 years now and she loves it here! And we feel the same about her! Cindy is in the process of getting her CDA and is working hard to get our Toddler 2 classroom running like a well-oiled machine. She is a great teacher and we are so proud of her and we love having her here. Cindy loves spending time with her family and her friends outside of work. And she has one of the biggest hearts in the world.

Cindy’s biggest wish for her kids is that they would be learning and developing each day and that they would be completely ready for Preschool by the time they leave her class. She is constantly doing fun art projects and other fun things with the kiddos each day.

Preschool 1: Ms. Hannah

Hannah is our Pre-K teacher. She has been teaching for a couple of years now and is in the process of getting her CDA as well. Hannah loves children and she loves teaching. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her friends and her family. She is very sweet and kind and the kiddos in her class love her to pieces! Hannah loves coming up with new and fun ideas and themes for the kids each month!

Hannah’s biggest wish for her kids is that they would be ready for Kindergarten when they leave her room and also that they would know that they are loved and cared for and have a safe and fun place to come and be each day.