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Behavior Guidance

New Creations uses positive reinforcement and redirection as the primary discipline methods. Immediate and persistent behavior methods are applied. Expected and acceptable behavior is modeled at all times, and if negative behavior persists after redirection, a child may be offered a time away from the situation until he/she understands the choices that were made.

If the child is hurt, it will be stated in an accident report which the parent must sign. In the event that a child's behavior becomes consistently unacceptable or uncontrollable, New Creations, along with parents, will develop a behavior guidance plan to try and solve the problem. If behavior does not change, the child could be dismissed.

If a child is separated from the group three or more times in one day, the child's parents shall be notified. If a child is separated five or more times in one week, or eight or more times in two weeks, the procedures for dealing with persistent unacceptable behavior must be followed. Physically or mentally abusive forms of discipline are never used. Any adult in the center must adhere to this policy.

Rest Periods

Quiet time is built into the daily schedule for each child. Children are expected to rest quietly on cots or engage in quiet activities, allowing those who need to sleep the opportunity to do so.  One small, labeled blanket is needed. Blankets need to be taken home on Fridays to be washed. Any accompanying items for rest time must be able to fit inside the child’s cubby.


Children need to be adequately dressed for indoor and outdoor play. All clothing needs to be labeled with the child’s name. An extra set of indoor clothing is needed: underwear, socks, shirts, and pants.  For the winter months: two pairs of mittens, a hat, warm jacket, snow pants, and boots are necessary. Snow boots cannot be worn inside during the day. Shoes must be worn in the facility at all times. When it is over 20 degrees (including wind chill), the children go outside, or up to the directors’ discretion. For the summer months: sunscreen will be applied according to medication procedures. New Creations will provide the sunscreen, and if parents prefer their own, it should be labeled with child’s name.

Outdoor Play

Using a child’s large motor skills is a very important part of the day. Children go outside each day the weather permits. Children who are well enough to be in school are well enough to go outdoors with the group each day. Children should have proper clothes to accommodate the climate.


Parents must be aware of classroom/center schedules (i.e. meal times). If child is brought in after the scheduled meal time, please make sure he/she is fed at home. Breakfast, a.m. snack, lunch, and p.m. snack is provided daily. The monthly menu will be provided to parents. Shared food cannot be brought into the center unless commercially purchased (birthday treats, etc.). Please inform the directors before bringing in a treat.

Health Information

Health Records

Parents are required to provide a health care summary form within 30 days of enrollment and every time a child reaches a new age category. This report is required annually for children under 24 months of age.

Immunizations must be up to date. If they are not, evidence of a plan to bring them up to date must be on file within 30 days of receiving the health care summary form. Because it is required that these forms be kept up to date, a new medical examination or an updated immunization record may be necessary. Parents who object on the grounds of their beliefs must complete the summary form and sign and notarize the appropriate statement. Failure to supply this documentation will be cause to be excluded from New Creations.


No medication will be given unless permission comes from the parents for one specific dose. If it is a prescription, it must be current and in the original container with complete instructions. The label must have the following information: directions for dispensing, name of medication, doctor’s name, date of the prescription, and child’s name. There must be parental written permission or direction by the authorities at the Poison Control Center to administer Syrup of Ipecac. Non-prescription medications such as sunscreen, insect repellant, medicated powders, creams, fever reducers, cough syrup, etc. may be administered with a parent’s written permission according to manufacturer’s directions unless written directions are provided by a physician.


In an effort to protect children from the spread of illness, sick children will be excluded from New Creations for 24 hours after the last occurrence of symptoms. If your child becomes sick at New Creations, the parent/authorized adult(s) will be immediately notified and will have one hour to pick up the sick child.


To enroll, the following forms will be collected before a child’s first day:


Weekly tuition is collected through ACH and funds are withdrawn automatically from a provided checking account. Tuition is collected each Friday for the following week of care for full-time and part-time families. If a day is requested by a family and approved by the director for part-time or drop-in schedules, the daily amount will be ACH’d that week at the drop in rate. Should the ACH debit return due to insufficient funds, a fee of $30 will be added and the payment will be retried. A child’s care will be terminated if tuition is unable to be collected for two consecutive weeks. To reinstate a child immediately requires a full payment of the outstanding balance and the next regular tuition. New Creations cannot accept cast as payment.


In efforts to keep our buildings as secure as possible, all doors are locked between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. at our Andover and Ramsey locations. At our Blaine, Brooklyn Park, Crocus Hill, Lino Lakes, and Maple Grove locations, key fobs are used to access the centers. Big Lake families use a code to enter the premises. Upon enrollment, families receive a key fob agreement if applicable.

Extended Leave

We are able to grant full-time families with a part-time contract of three days per week for teachers in the summer or those requesting an extended period of time off (i.e. maternity leave). Families in this situation must provide New Creations with a two-week notice. This change of contract must be accompanied by a scheduled return date and may not exceed 12 weeks or three months.


New Creations is Christian-based, meaning that our staff brings elements of the Bible and the Christian faith to their classroom. This simply means children are prayed for, prayed with, and they learn to pray for themselves and others. We are the hands and feet of Jesus and our children learn how to focus on others in their lives, the community, and the world at large. Christian music is played, Christian songs are sung, and Biblical truths are taught. Children learn a weekly Bible verse along with Bible stories throughout the week.

Late Pickup

A late fee of $1.00 will be assessed for every one minute that a child is left beyond closing time. This is paid directly to the staff member required to stay with the child. If a child is not picked up by 6:00 p.m. at Andover, Blaine and Ramsey or 6:30 p.m. at Big Lake, Brooklyn Park, Crocus Hill, Lino Lakes, and Maple Grove and no phone call is received, New Creations will call the police department for assistance after all other emergency contacts have been called.

Absence Due to Illness & Vacation

Full tuition will be charged if a child does not attend the center due to illness or vacation. It will also be charged for the first week a child is ill and unable to attend. Considerations will be given for a reduction in tuition for additional weeks of a prolonged illness.

Schedules & Schedule Changes

Full-time tuition covers 10 hours of care per day. Extra charges will be assessed if care is needed for more than 10 hours per day. If the schedule changes, submit a schedule change form or request via email at least two weeks in advance. New Creations cannot guarantee schedule changes since there are specific group sizes and staffing requirements.

Part-time schedules mean the child attends less than five days. In order to change the child’s schedule, a form must be submitted or a request must be made via email or phone to add a day if extra care is required. Days cannot be shifted on a temporary basis. Once the director has confirmed there is availability for the child to add a day, tuition will be charged regardless of attendance. The tuition for the added day is the drop-in rate. For instance, if a family who attends three days per week wants to add one day, the rate is not the four-day rate but instead the drop-in rate is paid for that fourth added day. Tuition for this added day will be collected via ACH the week the added day occurs.

Drop-in schedules mean the family requests days in advance. The directors will immediately inform the family if there is space available. If a family drops in for two or more days during the week of a holiday, tuition will also be collected for that holiday. Drop-in families are also required to give a two-week notice for withdrawal and/or be billed for the equivalent hours for the average weekly attendance.


A two week’s written notice is required for withdrawal for any reason, including full-time, part-time, and drop-in contracted families. Parents will be liable for the weekly tuition until two weeks after the date of the written notice.


Communication is a priority at New Creations, and therefore there will be two conferences each year, as well as weekly curriculum newsletters that highlight curricular objectives and standards, songs, and activities that will take place throughout the week. Daily reports are given through the Daily Connect app on a smartphone or by logging into Parents receive specific details about food intake and elimination, sleeping patterns, general behavior, and concepts learned and taught. New Creations has an open-door policy. Parents are encouraged to stop by and visit.

Field Trips

In the event that an offsite field trip is planned, New Creations will send out permission slips for each particular trip. A fee may or may not be associated with the trip in order to cover transportation. Outside speakers are brought in and in-house field trips are taken whenever possible to supplement our themed curriculum.

Parent Rights

Parents and authorized adults may visit the center at any time. We encourage parents to be a part of their child’s day as much as possible.

Intoxicated Adults

If an obviously intoxicated person comes to pick up your child, we will intervene for the safety of your child. We will offer to call a cab, other parent, or authorized person to come for the child. If the intoxicated adult is uncooperative and is driving a vehicle, we will alert the police.

Check-In & Check-Out

Upon arrival to New Creations, the child must be physically brought inside and signed in on the sign-in sheet, along with the time. The sign-in sheet is the first means of checking who is present in an emergency. Also, when picking up the child, inform the teacher he/she is leaving, sign out, and include the time. If someone not listed on file will be picking the child up, fill out a release form and picture identification must be presented by that person.

Personal Belongings

Toys and personal belongings should not be brought to the center unless for an announced “Show and Tell.” An exception is a small, non-noise making item for naptime. New Creations is not responsible for any lost items.


New Creations carries the required $1,000,000 general liability insurance.

Inclement Weather

New Creations will follow the center's local school district in regards to snow day closures. In the event the district cancels school for severe temperatures, New Creations will remain open. If the district cancels school because of snow, New Creations will also be closed. Announcements are made on WCCO 830 AM radio and directors may not necessarily contact all families to communicate that there is a snow day. However, it will be communicated through the message feature on the Daily Connect app. The director will call parents or other contacts if New Creations must close during operating hours due to severe weather so that all children get picked up. In the event of impassible roads, the center will close. Staff will stay at the center until all children are picked up. All children will be well cared for until arrangements are made for them to return home. Tornado and fire drills will be conducted on a regular basis, as well.