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Our Programs

By creating a classroom varied with interest centers, learning games, class projects, and strong staff support, each area of development will be fostered and discovery and learning will take place in an exciting way.
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What We Do

Our educational programs feature a nationally recognized curriculum known as Mother Goose Time, which is designed to encourage each child’s intellectual development while providing basic social and emotional lessons.
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While the classroom is an essential component of the educational experience, we believe that children should be well-rounded and strive to provide ways for them to grow and develop new skills.
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We have a strong desire to provide an excellent learning experience for your children, and strive to provide a solid spiritual foundation to each child who visits our centers.

Learn More About New Creations

New Creations Child Care & Learning Center provides each child with love, care, Christ-centered values and a strong educational foundation to ensure that a love for learning is developed in each child. We provide positive encouragement and allow each child to progress at his or her own pace. That way, your child will be able to follow a natural pattern that makes learning easier based on the special strengths that make your little one unique.

Choosing our center for the education and care of your child is a wise investment in the future of your son or daughter. We provide a comprehensive educational experience that focuses on the whole child. The nationally recognized Mother Goose Time curriculum is adapted to meet the needs of all children in our classrooms. All children are exposed to the following learning areas every day.

  • Auditory Language
  • Construction
  • Dramatic Play
  • Large Muscle Activity
  • Manipulatives
  • Math
  • Music
  • Science
  • Visual Language

Early Childhood Education Opportunities For Your Child

With our many early childhood educational activities, your children will be excited to choose their own learning centers. They are encouraged to rotate and try new activities on a regular basis so that they will be exposed to all of the available interest areas each day. We believe that flexibility and spontaneity are important in lesson planning with children, so we opt for a personalized approach which adds to our schedule. When possible, our staff responds to individual inquiries and interests, and makes an attempt to encourage further learning both for that child and for others who might share in the discovery.

Meet the Trained Staff Of Our Centers

When you’re ready to learn more about our center, please email us to set up a tour at your earliest convenience to meet our excellent, well-trained, and exceptionally caring staff. We are ready to provide the best educational and Christ-centered care available in the area. Reach out to us if you have any questions about our educational opportunities, curriculum, or any other area of our expertise, and we’ll be glad to provide the answers you need.

Register Your Child

To begin your child’s educational experience at New Creations, please complete the child care registration form and email it to the appropriate site you are registering for. Depending on the number of children that you will be enrolling, tuition will vary. A one-time registration fee will be collected, as well.

Contact us for more information about New Creations. Our trained staff provides exceptional care and education for your child.