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Childcare That Promotes Cognitive Development

We develop and implement our very own accredited, thematic-based curriculum aimed at nurturing the whole child. This is designed to encourage each child’s intellectual development, while providing basic social and emotional lessons. As each child participates in this curriculum, he/she is naturally exposed to skills that support his/her ongoing social/emotional, physical, language, and cognitive development.

When combined with a nurturing environment, these skills, intentional teaching practices, and meaningful relationships, support a child’s school readiness. That way, your child will be prepared for the classroom long before the first days of school begin. By utilizing programs that have been proven successful in educational institutions over the years, we offer a reliable system for introducing your children to core learning concepts at an early age.

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Curriculum That Teaches The Love Of Christ

Our curriculum features a spiritual component that introduces children to the stories of the Bible and helps to further their relationship with Jesus. As a strong educationally focused center, we base our programs on the faith that serves as a foundation for our belief in Christ and His love. Because we believe in the importance of learning about Jesus at an early age, our curriculum includes lessons from the Bible to help your little ones understand the stories that are the cornerstones of the Christian faith. We do this by a monthly Bible story and memory verse, chaplain that visits the centers every other week, singing songs about our faith, and prayers before meals and during circle time.

With the knowledge of the Bible, we believe your child will have a better understanding of their faith that enhances their personal relationship with Jesus. As your child grows older, the lessons that they have learned will serve as a basis upon which they can build a solid spiritual connection with God and the world they live in every day. We value the importance of fellowship and accountability, and give your little one the confidence they need to share their faith with others. Feel free to reach out to us for more information about our curriculum, and we will be glad to provide the answers you need.

Contact us for more information about our child care curriculum. Our trained staff, led by our Classroom Development Director, provides exceptional care and education for your child.

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Curriculum That Is Developmentally Appropriate

Our curriculum is all-inclusive, meaning enrichment is provided at no additional cost during the regular day’s schedule. Examples of possible enrichment are guest teachers who teach Bible stories; music, musical theory and instruments; a second language such as Spanish; and exercise revolving around the month’s theme. Check with the site director for which enrichment programs are currently implemented at your location.

Planning for infants and toddlers does not necessarily involve lessons but rather opportunities for experiences that as individuals they can make the most out of. For infants, teachers will plan and organize their environment to provide experiences which enhance both motor development (reaching, grasping, crawling in and out, throwing, pulling) and cognitive development (object permanence, cause and effect experiences, language, listening and responding to sounds and interactions, and expressing emotions towards others).

For toddlers, teachers organize the room by taking into account the children’s individual differences along with their knowledge of child development. Planning is based on observations of the children using their new skills and their reactions to materials. As the toddlers grow and change, teachers change the classroom environment.

For toddlers as well as preschoolers, New Creations uses a thematic-based curriculum that utilizes the cognitive, social/emotional, physical and creative developmental areas. By creating a classroom varied with interest centers, learning games, class projects and strong staff support, each area of development will be fostered, and discovery and learning will take place in an exciting way. The child-oriented educational program provides continuity, shape, and direction to individual interest and explorations. We believe respecting and encouraging a child’s individuality promotes the development of the whole child.

At New Creations, Every Child Has The Opportunity To:

Participate in activities that are both quiet and active, teacher-directed and child-initiated and indoor and outdoor through the use of a variety of equipment and materials

Work and play in a safe, loving atmosphere with children of the same age under direct supervision at all times

Establish positive and caring relationships with both adults and other children

Develop a curiosity for the world around them by asking questions, trying new ideas, providing input and feeling good about their efforts of response

Develop a positive self-esteem which allows independence in the pursuit of learning through problem solving and the confidence to try things on their own

Challenge their physical and intellectual abilities

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