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The formative years of children from birth to five make the biggest impact on their future. Instilling in them the educational components of math, literacy, science and technology, as well as social and emotional skills, sets them on the path for being more than ready for kindergarten when they leave our program.


Large muscle – climbing, riding, lifting, kicking, throwing balls, jump ropes, etc.

Balance – games through the above methods and the balance beam

Small muscle – manipulation of toys, craft projects, puppets

Language – encouraging speech, conversations, reading books, storytelling

Cognitive – problem solving, use of the alphabet, counting, colors, weights and measures, activities which use letters and numbers, calendar, time, nature and science activities, water and sand play, art and block play

Creativity – exploration of art mediums, art activities, music and dance



Child playing in a safe and nuturing environment at New Creations.

Independence – participation in class planning, making choices and self help

Self-esteem – positive feedback and supportive environment, dramatic play, self-expression activities, body awareness, and staff helpers


Behavioral – discussion of rules, limits, and expectations through appropriate behavior in all aspects of the daily activities

Interaction skills – small and large group activities, understanding the rights and responsibilities of others, diplomatic mediation, music, dance

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