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Updated: Mar 29, 2023

The past year has presented us all with many challenges. One of the most significant of those challenges has been the way that the pandemic has changed our children’s school and education routines.

Finally, there is light at the end of the tunnel. As COVID-19 slows and businesses begin to reopen, parents are increasingly making the right choice by placing their children in Early Childhood Education programs. These programs are crucial in helping return normalcy to their children’s lives, and in empowering members of our nation’s workforce to return to offices, businesses, factories, restaurants and retail spaces.

Preschools, Child Care Centers, and School Age Programs provide opportunities for children to experience socialization and interaction in an educational atmosphere; something that has been greatly lacking for so many children over this past year

Children gain mastery of the skills of sharing, cooperation, paying attention in a group setting, and contributing to a community of learning. Children also gain confidence and pride in their earliest academic achievements. Art projects, early reading and writing, and motor-skill enhancement are all areas of concentration in Early Childhood Education Centers.

Another important benefit of including children in Early Childhood Education environments is that it provides children with a chance to experience interaction with diverse groups of children and teachers. Children and teachers of different races and nationalities learn to appreciate the differences and similarities between themselves and others. This gives children an early start at becoming familiar with the types of multicultural experiences that are increasingly represented in our elementary schools and communities.

Emerging as a central priority for many families, is Early Childhood Education’s capacity to nurture and enrich the spiritual lives of children. During the pandemic, the staff of New Creations Child Care and Learning Centers have worked tirelessly to create a clean, safe, developmentally appropriate, Christ-centered environment for their students. New Creations is setting its students up to be lifelong learners by preparing them for God’s future purpose.

Simply put, whether an Early Childhood Education Center, Church Preschool Program, or School Age Program, children are better equipped for kindergarten and beyond if they are given a chance to experience regularly scheduled, organized interactions with peer groups.

As COVID-19 slows and we all begin to return to more traditional workplace settings, we see that enrollment numbers are growing quickly. Parents are turning to Early Childhood Education Programs like New Creations as their preferred option for introducing children to their first educational experiences.

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