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Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Our first parent night was a success! Thank you to Pastor Ric and his wife Laura for coming out to share with us about faith development in our young children. We all left the evening encouraged to take small steps forward in building faith into our day to day lives at home, no matter what age children we have.

Pastor Rick speaking at our first parent night
Pastor Rick speaking at our first parent night

Our training topic for December is art. Our Classroom Development Directors are working with our teachers this month to ensure quality art materials are out and accessible for children to engage with throughout the day as well as finding new ways to implement easels into their day-to-day art stations. Art is such an important part of our curriculum as it allows children to express themselves as well as improve motor skills, be creative and recognize colors, textures and use a variety of materials. Your children bring home art projects regularly and you can encourage more skills by talking to them about their work. Ask them to tell you about their picture and why they used the colors or materials they did. Displaying some of their work at home also builds your relationship with your child and gives them confidence in their self and their work. You can also extend learning at home by talking about illustrations in books, discussing art out in public or in your home. It is also important that children have materials at home that they can use to create and express themselves. Creating together can be a fun way to engage with one another and talk about how we are alike and different. You should visit our Instagram page at for fun ideas of projects to do together at home!

With the holidays coming, we will not be holding a parent night in December. We hope you can all join your centers for their Christmas Programs and holiday parties. The children have been working hard on practicing for this fun presentation! This is a great time to get together as a community and celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior. I’m sure you’ve already seen many art projects come home and will continue to see more! Ask your child’s teacher or Directors for more ideas of fun art projects you can do at home as a family.

On January 31, we will be offering a class about challenging behaviors. We hope more of you will join us to hear from the Center for Inclusive Childcare (CICC) on Seven Common Reasons for Challenging Behavior. “Behaviors that challenge adults occur in many forms during the early childhood years. These behaviors may limit a child’s ability to learn, grow, and interact successfully with the world around them. This session will discuss the seven most common reasons for challenging behavior. When we are able to understand the why behind the behavior we can successfully develop and implement strategies that provide lasting success for young children and for you as parents.” Please plan to join us at our Brooklyn Park location from 6pm-7pm. Childcare is provided for a limited number of families. Please sign up here: January 2023 Parent Night – Google Forms

We are praying for each of you during this holiday season!

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